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Sheqo, the Safety Fish, advises employees on their rights, duties and obligations when it comes to occupational health and safety.


Grounds for refusing to co-operate

Technically, you cannot refuse to co-operate with management when it comes the health and safety rules and procedures. But you can refuse to perform certain tasks if it is not part of your normal duties and within your skills and experience. Let's say for example you are a submarine operator. Part of the Safe Operating … Continue reading Grounds for refusing to co-operate

The Employee’s duty to co-operate

What does it mean when I say you must co-operate with management to enable them to comply with their duties? The term co-operate is generally defined as: to work or act together or jointly for a common purpose or benefit. to work or act with another or other persons willingly and agreeably. to practice economic … Continue reading The Employee’s duty to co-operate


What employees must do at work

Penny will probably tell you a lot of things you must do at work. But that is not entirely true. As a general fish in your fish factory, you only need to comply with some general rules. The rest of the work must be done by the management of the factory, and not by us … Continue reading What employees must do at work


Shit’s coming our way, and it is not the sewer line

Guys, I heard through the sewerlines that there is a new version of the Occupational Health & Safety Act coming out. They call it a Bill. I surely hope its not Bill Clinton. He just was to ny, I mean deny everything. But, as rumour has it, Neptune is changing the rules again. I think … Continue reading Shit’s coming our way, and it is not the sewer line


About me

My name is Sheqo. I am the distant cousin of my great grandmother's nephew of a famous movie star, Nemo. I guess I am famous too? I am a worker at a local fish factory. I am also the shop steward and Health & Safety representative for the group of workers in my area. I … Continue reading About me


Employees are screwed

The knowledge of some safety penguins are disturbing. One said the following: " The GSR doesn't stipulate the number of first aider, therefore its wise to have as many as possible bcos 10 employees must have First Aid box .That's why some of the mines like Exarro they train everybody . Fire watchers also depends … Continue reading Employees are screwed


What the fuck is Horseplay?

According to ocean legend, there was a huge penguin, and he was a real Safety Guru. I think he was also a Bird. His name was Frank. He created this thing called Horseplay. No, it is not playing with a horse. It actually have nothing to do with horses, but this penquin thought we would … Continue reading What the fuck is Horseplay?


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Penny the Safety Orrifice makes life difficult.