About me

My name is Sheqo. I am the distant cousin of my great grandmother’s nephew of a famous movie star, Nemo. I guess I am famous too?

I am a worker at a local fish factory. I am also the shop steward and Health & Safety representative for the group of workers in my area. I was not elected by them as it is supposed to happen. Penny, our Safety Officer, just swam into the factory with his AK47, and said:” I need a volunteer. You!”

Next thing I know, I amd given this piece of paper with some legal mumbo jumbo written on it and a line. Penny used his AK47 and pointed with the barrel to the line and said: Sign there!.

That’s when I became a Safety representative. I attend safety meetings but whenever I say something, Penny looks at me and then at his AK47. So, I just shut up and sit there nice and quiet.

Anyway, here he comes again….got to go, cheers!


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