Employees are screwed

The knowledge of some safety penguins are disturbing.

One said the following: ” The GSR doesn’t stipulate the number of first aider, therefore its wise to have as many as possible bcos 10 employees must have First Aid box .That’s why some of the mines like Exarro they train everybody . Fire watchers also depends on the hot work activities you will have. If there is a hot work activity there must be a fire watcher/s with fire extinguisher/s. You can train as many as possible.”

Ok, so now we have some legal advice from a Safety Officer. Let’s look at the GSR thing mentioned. It is called the General Safety Regulations. First-aid requirements are explained to Safety officers in Regulation 3.

“Where more than 10 employees are employed at a workplace, the employer of such employees shall take steps to ensure that for every group of up to 50 employees at that workplace, or in the case of a shop or an office as contemplated in the Basic Conditions of employment Act, 1983 (Act No. 3 of 1983), for every group of up to 100 employees, at least one person is readily available during normal working hours, who is in possession of a valid certificate of competency in first aid, issued by –
a) the SA Red Cross Society
b) the St. John Ambulance;
c) the SA First Aid League; or
d) a person or organisation approved by the chief inspector for this purpose.

I am asking you this with bubbles in my eyes. How are we supposed to take them seriously? Do they not know that the Mines have different rules? Folks, as workers, we are screwed.

Anyway, I have to swim before that Penny gets off facebook and come with his fucking toolbox talk on the hazards of confined spaces. I piss myself laughing everytime he talks about a lack of oxygen and how to avoid suffocation. I’m a fish for fuck sake. Pick a topic relevant to the job we do.



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