Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Sheqo, I am a fish and this is my home. I started this blog today, as I am tired. I have been a fish for the last 50 million years, but this new health & safety rule Neptune has introduced is making me mad. We now have to wear Scuba Gear. And it is heavy, uncomfortable and I don’t think we need it. But the Safety Shark says we must wear it, as it is the Rules of the Ocean.


So, I have decided to write to all you fishes in this world and tell you more about your rights as workers. You see, they; Neptune, Safety Skark, and Penny the Safety Penguin, it not telling us the whole truth.

In this Blog, you will learn about workplace safety and what you are required to do. But, I will also tell you that there are things you really do not need to do. (I know they tell you differently, but I will explain it to you.)

I will also show you where you can go, who you can talk to, and what you can do, if you feel things are not right.

You can also subscribe to my free “message in a bottle”, which I sent out once a week.

And, I will be giving you a free online course in workplace safety in the coming few weeks.

But, before we get started, here is what you need to know about this Blog:

1. It uses fictitious animal characters to represent certain authority figures. It is not intended to be deregatory, but merely to add some humour to a rather serious matter.

2. It is primarily focused on South African workers and the laws of South Africa.

3. It is written by Sheqo, who has 20 years experience in workplace safety law enforcement, but we cannot reveal Sheqo’s real identity, otherwise Sheqo will be fired.

4. Our cast characters are:

  • Neptune – King of the Ocean – your Government Department responsible of H&S.
  • Safety Shark – The Chief in charge of law enforcement, who works for Neptune.
  • Boss-Fish – your employer
  • Penny the Safety Penguin – our own Safety officer of our company.
  • Fishes – the workforce, like you and me.
  • Fire Fish – the fish responsible for fire prevention
  • Safety Fish – the fish elected by the other fishes to represent them as H&S Reps.
  • The Fish Factory – the workplace or company where the fish works.



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