Registration becomes law

Neptune recently formed a special council. It is called the SACPCMP. The South Atlantic Copy, Paste, Cut Moron Professions. All the Safety Orrifices has to join the council. And if they are good at copy and paste, they can become Professional Morons. There are three categories. Prrrrr Moron. Shhhhh Moron and the O Moron.

There is also a private investment club they can join and score 5 browny points. It is called SAIOSH. The South Atlantic Insanity Organisation of Sea Hounds. They sell membership tickets in exchange for email newsletters and they like to use a phrase like “keeping you in form.”

I don’t understand how the inform thing works, because we have Loolge, and Loolge knows everything. Loolge is your friend.

Hey,  did you hear about the Safety Amature who walks into a building…

Bwahaha, he missed the door with about a meter and a half.


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