What the fuck is Horseplay?

According to ocean legend, there was a huge penguin, and he was a real Safety Guru. I think he was also a Bird. His name was Frank. He created this thing called Horseplay. No, it is not playing with a horse. It actually have nothing to do with horses, but this penquin thought we would understand it better if he called it some stupid name that does not fit in.

What I understand of this Horseplay stuff, is that you are not allowed to do it. This is something like scaring someone that works next to you. Or sticking an air hose up someone’s arse and blow him up like a balloon. They say if you do that, you blow his spur burger from his arsehole right back on to the plate on the table. Sounds like fun hey? But you can get fired for it.

According to Bird, we are the cause of most of the accidents and our managers only has 20% blame. I think he is a moron. Or was. I believe the old penguin died a few months back. Quite a loss to the penguin community.



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