What you need to know!

If you work, there are certain rules that you must obey. They are called health and safety rules. These rules are to protect you from getting hurt, or becoming ill.

If you work in a Mine, or on a Ship, or perhaps somewhere at sea, the rules are slightly different, but the basic idea is the same.

As a worker, you must obey the rules. Your employer cannot allow you to break the rules.

But sometimes they make rules that you don’t understand. They make rules that you think is stupid. Take me for instance, I am dressed in this stupid diving gear, and I am a fish. I don’t need this shit. But we have a Safety officer. His name is Penny. He is a penguine, not a fiCHSAsh, and he believes he’s a bird and he thinks he can fly. Such a moron.

So, I am swimming to work and when I get there, I have to put on my diving gear, because this is our company rules. I hate it. They gave us diving gear, because they don’t want to spend money on safety. So, they just dress us up like aliens. It makes the boss very happy. And Penny is just the shit!

But, there is this section in the Occupational Health & Safety Act, called Section 14. This tells us that we have to obey the rules. I will tell you more about this section a bit later.

I am also going to tell you a lot of stuff Penny and your own Safety Officer don’t want you to know. If you know this, you will make them look stupid. Yes, I know they are stupid, but you cannot say it out loud.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. I like to blow bubbles with my diving gear. At least this is something I could never do.

Anyway, I have to swim away now. It is lunch time and Penny is probably on facebook, so I can go take this shit off.


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