Shit’s coming our way, and it is not the sewer line

Guys, I heard through the sewerlines that there is a new version of the Occupational Health & Safety Act coming out. They call it a Bill. I surely hope its not Bill Clinton. He just was to ny, I mean deny everything.

But, as rumour has it, Neptune is changing the rules again. I think he wants to score browny points for the 2019 CNA competition. According to the rumour, us Safety Fish, are going to have to do some more stuff. Where we are now appointed as Health & Safety Reps, and we can just sleep at safety meetings, we now have to do freaking inspections every damn month. Now I am not sure what Neptune is trying to achieve here, but I think someone is talking crabsticks into his head. I think there is a hidden agenda from the penguin community. They want us to do their work, because they don’t know how. I think they also have their own tribal council. That thing is called the South Atlantic Idiots of Safety & Health. This penguin society has an uncle in the Corruption business, or was that the furniture business….not sure now, but anyway, this uncle’s name Gugupat, from the Guppy breed, and he has a brudda from anudda mudda ol in ol, and a second brudda from his sister’s mudda.

Now back to the Neptune story…Oh shit, here comes Penny, let me blow some bubbles, before he thinks I am drowning.

Hey, that reminds of this thing I once saw. There were these two fish, I think they were the Hake brothers, but they were cleaning a water feature. Their safety penguin’s name was Eal, a real slimey character. This water feature was about fin depth (measured without flippers) and they were dressed in oilskins, and harnasses, and ropes attached to them and life jackets. According to Eal, they could slip in the water, and then if they cannot be pulled out quick enough, they would drown. Bwhahahaha, a fish drowning in fin deep water? How stupid!

So, because these penguin types, don’t know much, us Safety Fish, will have to do monthly inspections of our workplaces and then report to the Safety Meeting with our written reports. I wonder if Neptune knows that we cannot write under water? But as the saying go, not my circus; not my animals.

I will tell you more about this crabsticks when the seweline gets flushed again. One can hear a lot of valueble information there.

Blup blup blup, till later!


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